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What members asked before they joined our Coachinho community

How exactly does Coachinho work?

Super easy - we'll take your training, whether you're a player or a coach, to a new level with interactive training and educational videos. You just need to sign up for a membership and can start with the free Basic Membership. After signing up, you can start training right away.

Is the Basic Membership really completely free?

Yes, of course, we offer you various games, drills, workouts and further video content permanently free of charge and are happy if you are part of our community. You don't even have to provide payment details. Of course, you can always upgrade to Pro Membership if you want to have access to all games and premium content.

How often will new content be added?

It's a nice question - we upload new content weekly and are working flat out to provide you with super helpful games and drills in every Membership.

And if I am missing certain content / training focus on Coachinho?

In that case, you can use our contact form (link is below in the footer) and tell us what content or training focus you would like. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to

Which coaches are available on Coachinho?

The number of our professional football players and coaches keeps growing - you can get a first overview under the menu item "Coaches". If you are on the road with your smartphone, you can find the overview under the hamburger menu.

Can I train from anywhere?

Absolutely - from anywhere and anytime without restrictions, as long as you have internet access. Of course, if you want to train with all available games and content on Coachinho, you need the Pro Membership.

How can I pay for my Pro Membership?

Conveniently via PayPal or credit card. Tip: You can easily create a free PayPal account at

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